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The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK is a client library of Amazon SageMaker JumpStart. The library provides tools for feature engineering, training, and deploying industry-focused machine learning models on SageMaker JumpStart. With this industry-focused SDK, you can curate text datasets, and train and deploy language models.

This is the documentation for the sagemaker-jumpstart-industry-pack library.

Installing the SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK

The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK is released to PyPI and can be installed with pip as follows:

pip install smjsindustry

You can also install from source by cloning this repository and running a pip install command in the root directory of the repository:

git clone https://github.com/aws/sagemaker-jumpstart-industry-python-sdk.git
cd sagemaker-jumpstart-industry-python-sdk
pip install .

Supported Operating Systems

The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK supports Unix/Linux and Mac.

Supported Python Versions

The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK is tested on:

  • Python 3.6

  • Python 3.7

  • Python 3.8

AWS Permissions

The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK runs on Amazon SageMaker. As a managed service, Amazon SageMaker performs operations on your behalf on the AWS hardware that is managed by Amazon SageMaker. Amazon SageMaker can perform only operations that the user permits. You can read more about which permissions are necessary in the Amazon SageMaker Documentation.

The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK should not require any additional permissions aside from what is required for using SageMaker. However, if you are using an IAM role with a path in it, you should grant permission for iam:GetRole.


The SageMaker JumpStart Industry Python SDK is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. It is copyright Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. All Rights Reserved. The license is available at Apache License.

Running Tests

The SageMaker JumpStart Industry SDK has unit tests and integration tests.

You can install the libraries needed to run the tests by running pip install --upgrade .[test] or, for Zsh users: pip install --upgrade .[test]

Unit tests

We use tox to run Unit tests. Tox is an automated test tool that helps you run unit tests easily on multiple Python versions, and also checks the code sytle meets our standards. We run tox with all of our supported Python versions(Python 3.6, Python 3.7, Python 3.8). In order to run unit tests with the same configuration as we do, you need to have interpreters for those Python versions installed.

To run the unit tests with tox, run:

tox tests/unit

Integrations tests

To run the integration tests, you need to first prepare an AWS account with certain configurations:

  1. AWS account credentials are available in the environment for the boto3 client to use.

  2. The AWS account has an IAM role named SageMakerRole. It should have the AmazonSageMakerFullAccess policy attached as well as a policy with the necessary permissions to use Elastic Inference.

We recommend selectively running just those integration tests you would like to run. You can filter by individual test function names with:

tox -- -k 'test_function_i_care_about'

You can also run all of the integration tests by running the following command, which runs them in sequence, which may take a while:

tox -- tests/integ

Building Sphinx Docs Locally

Install the dev version of the library:

pip install -e .\[all\]

Install Sphinx and the dependencies listed in sagemaker-jumpstart-industry-python-sdk/docs/requirements.txt:

pip install sphinx
pip install -r sagemaker-jumpstart-industry-python-sdk/docs/requirements.txt

Then cd into the sagemaker-jumpstart-industry-python-sdk/docs directory and run:

make html && open build/html/index.html

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